use nature to nurture

Our products fill in nutritional gaps that can exist in real life, through soil depletion or lifestyle factors or a variety of other roadblocks to optimal health.

We use the best elements of nature and craft products with purpose in order to give you a daily dose of balance, spirit and pulse. Ultimately, creating a foundation for health so that you can live your legendary life.

your daily dose of wellness


sharing products that are crafted with a purpose, helping you connect to your purpose.

We want to set you on a path to living YOUR legendary life. Taking simple, meaningful, daily steps to holistic health: body, mind and spirit. Enjoying natural products and sharing those products with others in the most natural way - person to person.

our spirit

a healthier world for everyone.

At Esprita, we see a need in our modern world for a greater emphasis on health and wellness, in every aspect of our lives. We see the coming together of modern science and traditional, trusted approaches to nutrition that can transform the way we live, for the better. We see Esprita as the leader in a growing movement toward intentional, even transformational living.

a passion for helping people.

Our leadership team is creating hope, health and prosperity for our customers, our associates and everyone Esprita touches. With a shared passion in making life better for others, they are bringing the powerful benefits of Esprita's natural formulations to people around the world and using next generation relationship marketing and direct selling to do it.